Pull-Pal Recovery Units
The best winch is worthless without something to hook onto! Only the Pull-Pal allows you to get the maximum pull from your winch every time by allowing you to un-spool your winch cable to the proper layer that gives you maximum pull. The Pull-Pal is a remote anchoring device that can be placed just about anywhere. You lose considerable pulling power (up to 20% on some units) with each layer of cable left spooled. So when you're really stuck, and you need all the power you can get from your winch, YOU NEED Pull-Pal! 

11,000 lb Pull Pal Unit  -  $352.50
Part# PP11000

11,000 lb Pull Pal Unit W/Carrying Case -  $435.50
Part# PP11000WC

14,000 lb Pull Pal Unit  -  $497.50
Part# PP14000

14,000 lb Pull Pal Unit W/Carrying Case  -  $572.50
Part# PP14000WC

Pull-Pal Specifications

Pull-Pal Model
Overall Weight
Folded Size
Spade Size
11,000 lb Unit
36 lbs
45 inches
10 inches
14,000 lb Unit
45 lbs
45 inches
14 inches

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Prices subject to change without notice - Prices updated 12/01/14

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