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Painless Wiring Products
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Available for all custom applications.


PET45111 Shown


PerTronix Ignitor II System - $142.50
Upgrade to electronic ignition and never have to mess with points again. Will not overheat unit with key left in on position. Easily installs in under an hour.
Fits (1967-1974 Land Cruiser, also available for 1975-1977 applications, please all with the ND or Toyota part number off of your distributor for more information)
Part# PET91665A (PET91661/91662 also available)

PerTronix FlameThrower II Coils
For use with PET 91665A/91661/91662
Part# PET45011 - Oil Filled- $41.50
Part# PET45111 - Epoxy Filled
- $59.50

PerTronix FlameThrower I Coils
For use with PET 1665A
Part# PET40511 - Oil Filled - $41.50
Part# PET40611 - Epoxy Filled
- $59.50


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