Our Goal:

Cruiser Outfitters believes strongly in being active in the environment. As a member of the Utah Four Wheel Drive Association and The Wasatch Cruisers, we spend countless hours on  trail cleanups, land-use rallies, and special projects with the local BLM/Forest Service.

What Can You Do To Help?


Latest Projects:

Corner Canyon (Draper, Utah)

Wasatch Cruiser Club / Forest Service: American Fork Trail Clean-up (coming soon)

USFS / Trail Patrol: Holiday Weekend Assistance - 7/3/04 (coming soon)

Rattlesnake/Constrictor RME Trail Cleanup - 7/11/04 (coming soon)

USFS Volunteer Planning Meeting - 5/14/04 (coming soon)

MOAB: Strike Ravine & Upper/Lower Helldorado closed? (updated 4/11/04)

MOAB: More Land Up For Auction (updated 4/11/04)

Salt Lake County Road Claims (updated 2/07/04)

Usa-All File Suit Against the USFS (updated 1/15/04)

Mineral Fork Trail, Big Cottonwood Canyon (updated 01/05/04) 

Cardiff Fork Land Issues (updated 12/24/03)

Rattlesnake/Constrictor Trail Signage Program (updated 11/23/03)

BLM Scoping Meetings: November 13, 2004 SLC (updated 11/12/03)

Lake Powell PWC Ban (Updated 11/10/03)

BLM Public Lands Day 9/20/03

American Fork Canyon Car Removal (updated 11/02/03)

Recent Land Use Articles: (Updated 07/12/04)

ATV Rules Change  ( 07/12/04 KSL NewsRadio 1160)
Environmentalists slam Bush's forestry plan ( 07/12/04 CNN.com)
ATV's facing forest restrictions ( 07/10/04 Deseret News)
Forest Service reviews off-road rules ( 07/08/04 MSNBC News)
Moab, Grand to map backcountry trails ( 07/07/04 Salt Lake Tribune)
The roads not traveled ( 06/27/04 The Herald Journal)
Jeep ride in canyon may lead to court ( 06/18/04 Salt Lake Tribune)
San Juan County contests park road closure ( 06/17/04 Salt Lake Tribune)
Environmental groups lose case over off-road vehicles ( 06/16/04 MSNBC News)
OHV group drops suit over roads ( 06/08/04Salt Lake Tribune)
Rural road war heats up again ( 05/20/04 Salt Lake Tribune)
Walker seeks wilderness deal ( 05/4/04 Salt Lake Tribune)
Lacking a permit, Jeeps travel canyon ( 05/1/04 Salt Lake Tribune)
Road dispute won't stop Jeep Jamboree ( 04/29/04 Salt Lake Tribune)
3 counties to appeal road ruling ( 04/10/04 Deseret News)
Court papers detail vigilante efforts to stop off-road enthusiasts ( 04/9/04 CO 9News)
Old trail ignites road war ( 04/2/04 Salt Lake Tribune)
Moab couple, OHVs on collision course  ( 03/31/04 Deseret News)
Feds ponder how to curb rogue OHVs ( 01/8/04 Salt Lake Tribune)
Trails, roads erased from list of byways ( 01/7/04 Salt Lake Tribune)
Workman abandons claims to eight roads ( 012/31/03 Salt Lake Tribune)
Battle brewing over rivers ( 12/21/03 Salt Lake Tribune)
Road-claim disclosure rile Big Cottonwood Canyon ( 11/11/03)
Interior to consider dropping claims to some monument roads ( 11/03/03)
20 road claims named ( 10/30/03)
Rural roads romprimise killed ( 10/29/03)
Interior defends roads deal to congress ( 10/06/03)
AG didn't OK Kane Revolt, Signs pulled without advice ( 08/26/03 Salt Lake Tribune)
Disputed Nevada road secretly rebuilt ( 08/17/03)
History essential to understand road rights ( 08/17/03) 
Park Service seeks input on vehicle ban ( 08/16/03)
SLC worries road fight could affect watershed ( 07/31/03)
Millville Canyon's ban on motorized vehicles rattles mayor ( 03/11/03)
Stalinist environmental policy ( 01/14/03)
Bush opens up backcountry trails to vehicles ( 01/01/03)

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Landuse Links:
The Official RS 2477 Rights-of-way Homepage
The Utah Shared Access Alliance
The State of Utah RS2477 Homepage

For more up to date information on Utah land use issues email us: landuse@cruiseroutfitters.com

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