Safari Snorkels

Some of our most popular four wheel drive vehicles have their air cleaner pick up point relatively low, and, frankly, are extremely susceptible to sucking in much more than just air. To protect the motor and supply clean air it is a must to lift the air ducting higher.

80 Series Safari Snorkel

The Safari range is the largest in body size of all aftermarket snorkels available, and this ensures air supply in excess of engine requirements for both gasoline & diesel engines. In particular, turbo charged diesel vehicles will benefit from the larger Safari body size, while all models will enjoy better performance and slightly improved fuel efficiency.

60 Series Safari Snorkel

05' & Newer 2nd Generation Tacoma Safari Snorkel

Safari Features:
Each snorkel body & components are custom designed for each vehicle make.
UV stable cross linked polyethylene body for the ultimate in strength.
Completely Australian designed and manufactured.
High flow air ducting and body.
Each component is designed for maximum water & dust sealing.
Quality stainless steel and plated hardware.

Land Cruisers:

40 Series - $495.00
(Fits BJ/FJ/HJ4x Models - Please Call for Fitment)
Part# ARB SS401HF

60 Series - $467.00
(Fits 1980-1/90 6x Series, FJ60, HJ60, HJ61, FJ62, etc)
Part# ARB SS60HF

7x Series Prado - $483.00
(Fits LJ/RJ7x Prado Light Duty Models)
Part# ARB SS71HF

7x Series HD Land Cruiser- $362.00
(Fits 85-03/2007 73/74/75/77/78 w/B/2B/3B/13BT/2H/1HZ Diesel)
Part# ARB SS73/75R/78RZ

80 Series - $362.00
(Fits FJ80/FZJ80/LX450 & Non-US 8x Series)
Part# ARB SS82R

100 Series - $648.00
(Fits FZJ100/LX470)
Part# ARB SS86HP

200 Series - $648.00
(Fits 2008-2015 200 Series Gas - URJ200)
Part# ARB SS88HP

200 Series - $648.00
(Fits 2016+ 200 Series Gas - URJ200)
Part# ARB SS89HP

Toyota Pickup, Tacoma, 4Runner & FJ Cruiser:

Toyota Pickup - $362.00
(Fits 1984-1988)
Part# ARB SS65R

Toyota Pickup - $505.50
(Fits 1989-1993 22RE-4Cyl.)
Part# ARB SS105HF

Toyota Pickup - $505.50
(Fits 1989-1994 V6-3.0L)
Part# ARB SS130HF

Toyota Tacoma (1995 - 2004) - $483.00
(Fits all 1995.5 - 2004 Tacoma)
Part# ARB SS170HF

Toyota Tacoma (2005 - 2015) - $347.50
(Fits all 05' & Newer 2nd Generation Tacoma's

Now Includes Cruiser Outfitters Exclusive Installation Template & Intake Tube

(See special install instructions here: 05+ Tacoma Snorkel Install)

Toyota Tacoma (2005-2015) - $602.00
(Fits all 2005-2015 V6 Tacoma models, 4cylinder with minor modifications)
Part# ARB SS171HP

Toyota Tacoma (2016+) - $602.00
(Fits all 2016 & Newer V6 Tacoma models)
Part# ARB SS172HP

Toyota T100 - $477.50
(Fits all 1993-1998 T100's)
Part# ARB SS170T100
Includes Cruiser Outfitters Exclusive Installation Template

Toyota 4Runner - $362.00
(Fits 1984-1988 4Runner)
Part# ARB SS65R

Toyota 4Runner - $505.50
(Fits 1989-1995 V6-3.0L)
Part# ARB SS130HF

Toyota 4Runner - $497.50
(Fits 1996-2002 4CYL/V6)
Part# ARB SS1704RNR
(Includes needed inner fender intake tube. 4Runners with the factory power antenna will need to replace it with a non-power antenna during snorkel installation. Customer responsible for antenna modification or replacement using similar year Tacoma parts. Antenna part numbers available upon request. Installation information and pictures here: 3rd Gen. 4Runner Snorkel Install Tech
(Write-up used with permission and courtesy of AlexJet)

Toyota FJ Cruiser - $525.00
(Fits 2007-2009 FJ Cruisers models without factory cyclone air intake)
Part# ARB SS410HF

Toyota FJ Cruiser - $535.00
Retail $490.50
(Fits 2007-2009 FJ Cruisers models with factory cyclone air intake)
Part# ARB SS415HF

Toyota FJ Cruiser - $525.00
(Fits 2010+ FJ Cruisers models)
Part# ARB SS420HF

Snorkel Accessories:

7" Pre-cleaner with 3" Inlet - $75.00
Part# ARB PBH000237

10" Pre-cleaner with 3" Inlet- $124.00
Part# ARB PBH000253

10" Pre-cleaner with 3.75" Inlet- $143.00
Part# ARB PBH000254

Pre-cleaner Adapter 3.5" to 3.75" Inlet- $13.50
Part# ARB PBH024256

Air Ram Grill - $10.50
Part# ARB 000135500

Complete Air Ram (3") - $86.50
Part# ARB 000135000

Complete Air Ram (3.5") - $101.50
Part# ARB 000135200

Complete Air Ram (New Design) - $105.50
Part# ARB 000135600

Complete Air Ram (4" Intake) - $175.00
Part# ARB 000135900

Snorkel Installation Notes: Some models (FJ40 & FJ60/62) require customisation and fabrication to the air cleaner housing. These snorkels were originally intended for non-US applications which were most often right hand drive and diesel applications. In these cases the customer will need to find the appropriate method for hose connection under the hood. Please call for more information.

Prices subject to change without notice - Prices updated 12/14/21

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